The battle against the use of drugs and tobacco

The battle against the use of drugs and tobacco

March 18, 2020 Off By admin

Launching a vape shop in UAE alongwith vape online shops throughout the UAE proves to be a step in the right direction on part of the government. The goal is to minimize addiction towards consuming drugs and smoking tobaccos. 

Impact of launching such an initiative: Introducing vaping devices in the UAE can be of great benefit in times when individuals particularly teenagers are highly addicted to drugs and alcohol. Lack of involvement in areas of sports also contributes to individuals getting addicted to such activities. Introducing vaping devices as long as they do not contain harmful ingredients should be considered a commendable action so that individuals can get out of drugs and smoking conventional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have proven to be less harmful than any drug or traditional cigarette as they emit vapors through a combination of artificial fruity flavors and nicotine. The end result is attractive clouds of vapor being exhaled or even lesser amount of vapor exhaled by products such as the Myle vape. 

Connection between laziness and addiction: Individuals that do not play a sport at an early age can fall victim to drug and tobacco addiction. The reason being is they do not have much to do to keep their minds occupied at all times. Either the individual could be mentally depressed or is battling a physical injury or simply does not have the hunger and desire to play a particular sport. Such individuals are better off using an electronic cigarette without actually causing much harm to their organs. 

Innovate and dominate: No vaping company can survive and dominate a market by just functioning from one particular location. In order to be successful founders should figure out ways to innovate and expand their vaping company throughout the state. To better explain it, most of the vaping shops are found in the major states within the UAE such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This is not to imply that founders would have to take some high risk decisions to construct more branches in smaller states such as Sharjah and Ajman. To save up cost of not only the company but the customer, a smart step on part of the founder is to set up an online website to promote its products and then deliver them to far flung areas.