Tips on getting hired as a nursery school teacher

Tips on getting hired as a nursery school teacher

February 17, 2020 Off By admin

Now a days, school nurseries are now in trend. And everyone is seeking schools which are providing pre-school nurseries for children. So if you are looking for job opportunities as nursery school teacher then you are on right track. You can many nurseries in Dubai and so job opportunities for pre-school teachers are always there. 

But if you have less information about career guide regarding nursery school teacher then here is complete guide for you. 

Career guide:

Pre-school teacher’s job description is different from regular teachers as they don’t have to teach from books. Their job descriptions include different types of activities for students and play with them. So these teachers can do job at private or government schools. 

Job description:

This is fun type teaching and different fun type activities are included in this type teaching. Usually these teachers give education to students of 3 to 5 years old students. They don’t have to teach them through books but they teach their students through different activities and creative teaching methodologies. They have to teach manners, etiquettes to their students. They will have to prepare them for society related issue. As Montessori education focuses on students mind so teachers will have to teach them practically. 


Preschool teachers must have best communication skills and they must be interactive with their students. They must know how to motivate children for learning. As they have to teach students of age less than 5 years so they must know how to handle children. They must know how to motivate their students. Usually, children don’t go to school when they start their school so if they find their teachers motivated and friendly in nature then they will go to school. 

How to get job as pre-school teacher?

If you have passion to be a pre-school teacher and you don’t know how can you be then here is guide for you. 

Firstly, you must be graduated in childhood education.

Then you must have to complete internship in any school. It does not matter that either you are doing internship in private or public school.

Then you will have to clear state’s exam and then after getting passing marks in this test you will be able to apply in schools for job. Then if you will be qualified in interview then you will be able to secure job for school. Visit for further details in this regard.