What Wattage Should I Be Vaping At?

What Wattage Should I Be Vaping At?

February 27, 2024 Off By admin

If you want the best vaping experience, the best way to find the right wattage for your device is to experiment with different coils. The more coils you try, the more you will learn about your device’s wattage requirements. Also, different e-liquids require different wattages. Fruity flavors, for example, require lower wattage than strong flavors. Look at this to find the best Dubai vape store.

Variable wattage vape mods

Variable wattage vape mods are a great option for vapor enthusiasts of all experience levels. They provide more control over vapor production and are easy to use, even for beginners. They’re also safer than most other types of vape mods. They’re equipped with thermal and overcharge/discharge protection, so you’ll never have to worry about destroying your mod or your coil.

Sub-ohm coils

Sub-ohm coils for vape pens are a great way to experience vaping without the nicotine rush you get from regular cigarettes. To quit smoking, you should stick to nicotine strength levels of about 12 mg/ml or less. This type of vape pen does not use threaded cartridges or tanks, so you won’t need to worry about coil burnout. When starting, it’s a good idea to stick to lower-than-normal nicotine strength and try out different sub-ohm coils to see which one works best for you.


Wattage is an important consideration when choosing a vaping device. It affects the amount of vapor and flavor produced. You can choose between low and high wattages depending on your vaping goal. However, you should know that higher wattages consume more batteries, so carry extra batteries.

The most common wattage for vaping is 80 to 100W. Anything higher than this will burn through your E Juice and reduce the life of the coil. In addition, vaping at higher power than recommended can be illegal and difficult to handle. Generally, a low-wattage vaping approach produces the best results and can save you money.

Coil resistance

Vaping coils vary in resistance. Higher resistance wires require less power to vaporize and use less e-juice. These characteristics can help prolong the life of batteries and maximize vapor production. In addition, high-resistance setups tend to produce cooler, smaller vapor clouds.