3 step sofa cleaning at home

3 step sofa cleaning at home

November 6, 2019 Off By admin

It’s the undeniable truth of life that things get dirty and so does sofas, no matter how much you try to keep them clean and away from all the messiness. But don’t worry as there are several sofa cleaning services in Dubai who will get it cleaned, looking completely new again. In case you don’t want to seek their help and take it upon yourself like painting services in Dubai and do the hard work, then here is how to get started:

  • Prep the sofa for cleaning

If you want to get started with sofa cleaning then the first and foremost step would be to prepare it for the hard task that’s coming up by vacuuming out the major particles that usually sit there. You must also clean the base of the sofa and cushions as well by removing them and getting deep with the vacuum cleaner.

  • Get rid of substances other than dirt

If you are not satisfied with the progress of a vacuum cleaner it is probably because you own pets and their lint and fur aren’t removed properly. There are some vacuum cleaning companies who would claim their product is able to clean all the substances but fur can be a bit stubborn. This is why get a fur and lint remover and roll it around for better cleaning.

  • Dig deeper dirt

Sometimes a vacuum cleaner and removed fur and lint won’t suffice and this is why you will need a bristle brush in order to get the dirt stains remove. There shouldn’t be any liquid involved in this step because the brush that we are using is for stubborn dirt stains that are caked up on the fabric of sofa which will get off easily by rubbing. Make sure you are not too harsh because you will be damaging the fabric.

If your sofa is dirty beyond just the dirt stains that would be stubborn and won’t come off even after a full blown vacuum and brushing the stains off then you will have to move to shampoo and conditioning the sofa. Even though that can also be done at home but we would prefer seeking help from experts as they are well experienced in such cases.